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Explanation of Player Ratings Empty Explanation of Player Ratings

Post by League Commissioner on Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:58 pm

Shooting: Helps with all forms of putting the ball in the basket. More important when it comes to scoring from the outside, but also has an effect on scoring in the post and on layups.

Ball Handling: Helps a player not turn the ball over against man-to-man and pressing defenses.

Passing: Helps a player with assists and finding the open man. Helps not turn the ball over against all types of defenses, especially zones.

Rebounding: Helps a player rebound on both ends of the floor. Pairs with hustle when determining offensive rebounding ability.

Stealing: Helps in applying pressure to ball handlers and makes poorer passers and ball handlers more likely to turn the ball over. Helps in all forms of stealing the ball and forcing turnovers.

Blocking: Helps with how well a player can protect the rim. Makes it more difficult for other teams to score on the inside.

Speed: Best used in a team that likes to get out in transition. Helps a player with being able to beat opponents off of the dribble. Helps with on the ball defense (especially in man-to-man style defenses) and makes it more difficult for slower and lower rated ball handlers get open.

Hustle: How more likely a player is to get a 50-50 ball and plays a part in offensive rebounding. Helps prevent injury and drive to compete even against lesser teams. Also deals with how much a player wishes to improve during the offseason.

Intelligence: Helps with a player in zone defenses (including help-side defense) and more complicated offensive systems (such as a Princeton offense, etc.). Lessens turnovers despite passing and ball-handling ratings. Aids in player development.

Athleticism: Isn't the main part of, but is important in things such as help-side defense and zone defense as well as their ability to finish around the basket. More likely to stay in front of a ball handler in man-to-man defense. More likely to change the momentum of a game by making a single play. Is most important with player potential and how much it is possible for a player to improve.
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